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Rated 17+, Gore, Disturbing Sounds

Headphone Users are recommended to lower the volume.


Luana's best friend Waite has inherited his deceased Aunt Nelda's home, and now that they've graduated college they're moving in. On the first night, they're woken up by the sound of doors opening and closing. After searching the nearby room, they find a strange guy inside. He claims the house belongs to him and both of them shouldn't be there. However, Waite drags him out and tries to throw him out the front door.

When he goes to open the door, instead of the front lawn, is a room covered in cobwebs with claw marks on the wall. When they try to return to the bedroom, they find themselves in a hallway instead, shadowy hands grasping at their bodies.

Every door they open leads to another room, some repeating, some even twisting.

Will Luana ever be able to leave her new home with Waite and their unexpected guest?


Our Main Character



Had a bit of a rough childhood, but never let any bullies get to her. Tries to keep a cool head to keep Waite in line.

Love Interests



Luana's best friend ever since she stuck up for him. Distrustful of others, willing to start fights over trivial things.


The Trespasser

Pops up in the middle of the night. With his claims of ownership, both Luana and Waite believe he's crazy.

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FungiiCamyD.rayezbreezysonomura, and Razumi.

(I don't have a twitter, and don't plan to anytime soon.)

Our Team

Sunlit-Dreamer: Writer, Programmer
Fungii Draws: Sprite Artist, Main CG Artist, Proofreader
Camille Arana: Logo Artist
D.ray: Composer, Audio Producer
Emma Breezy: Voice Actress
Edward A. Mendoza: Voice Actor
Razumi Yazura: GUI Artist, CG Artist, Voice Actor, Q&A


HomesEmbrace-2.6.3-linux.tar.bz2 235 MB
HomesEmbrace-2.6.3-mac.zip 231 MB
HomesEmbrace-2.6.3-pc.zip 249 MB

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Hello! I'm having the same problem as TabbySan, and I have a Mac.

(This tutorial "update" sure loves being buggy doesn't it?)

Okay. Fixed for real. BUT I'm going to do a something lil extra before uploading it considering how many times I've claimed to have "fixed it" the last several days.

Next build will have a preview of what I've been working on coding. It's only up to the first horror cg though, so optional to see it.

New build's up, tested it properly, should work now!

i have run in to a bug. i am on PC for reference. on choice 3 the timer doesn't stop after making my choice. i have tried to click past it fast or keep clicking to get far enough past it to stop the timer but as soon as it reaches 0 it rewinds to say she was slapped. if i try to scroll wheal back at that point it will not let me. also the empty timer will stay at the top. i have also tested making different choices earlier. no change.

Apologies for the bug! I was able to identify the problem and quickly fixed it. Will have new builds up within an hour!

(1 edit)

i deleted the old file and I just re installed it and it is still happening.... :( my saves from the old version are still there if that means anything. 

*facepalms* Turns out I only fixed the problem in the screens file, but not the script. (I feel like a liar now.) Fixing right now!

Turns out it's still not fixed.

It should now. Tested it properly, like I should've done the first time instead of rushing. Very sorry that!

Finished the game with the help of the walkthrough, it was fun! The music was especially creepy and the descriptions...I'm just thankful that it is afternoon here haha. Would have loved to know more about Rowan though, seeing as he isn't who he actually is. 

Glad you enjoyed it! And completely understandable. Unfortunately I wasn't able to write everything I had originally planned. (Thus why unrealistic bonding.)

Depending on how things go though, it's possible the story will be expanded in the future.

(english isn't my first language so sorry if my grammar isn't great)

I just finished all the endings. Although the game is a little short it manages to tell a really great story. I love the art,  and the voice acting is really well done (I seriously loved Rowans voice ^-^).
I like how the game doesn't rely on jumpscares or gory art to scare you. The story is creepy on its own. Like most visual novels, you need to use your imagination for some of the images. Luckily the text is always very descriptive.
I also love how you have a very limited time to make some of the choices which makes the game more exiting. I had a lot fun playing and can't wait for future games by the creator!!


(Oh you're fine, your english is great!)

Glad you enjoyed our project so much! You wouldn't believe how long our "potential cgs" list was. But I made the "required" list as tiny as possible, I didn't want to ruin Fungii's hand. And yes, good, let the chills run through you. >=3

I'm also quite fond of using timed choices (when the time's appropriate). Just more suitable when you're trying to survive.

I shall do my best to create more entertaining vns/kns in the future~ (And depending on how things go, we just might expand on this one.)


It's me again. Could you add 'Survival horror' and 'Multiple endings' tags to your game? It'll help to spread your project to more gamers!

Thanks for the suggestion, I added the tags!

Wow...that was quite the ride! Managed to get all endings in one afternoon. Personally of all the story conclusions, I like Rowan's romance ending (Waite doing the whole 'Keeping my best friend and her new (weird) boyfriend in line' thing was really hilarious) and the ones where the boys go yandere over Luana and she's forced to fight them at the cost of her own sanity. Love our heroine's dynamic with Waite in particular and his rapport with Rowan.  After all, Waite does have his reasons to distrust the random dude who shows up in his inherited house but is forced to trust him despite his attitude towards other people. The spooks were sufficiently brought with certain CGs and descriptions of the monsters roaming the residence. Kind of like trying to describe Ink Bendy and failing , weirdly enough. 

There's one CG that I haven't managed to unlock yet. It's the one at the center of the first Gallery page. Will wait to see more content from you!

I voiced Rowan and drew the background art for his romance ending. I hope people enjoyed how I interpreted him.

Unlocking the middle CG on the first gallery page stumped me a little too at first. It does appear to be lurking about among the choice selection.

I personally hope we expand on this. I quite enjoyed helping out.

(1 edit)

Glad you enjoyed it! Wasn't sure how everyone would react to the endings, or if my writing would bring any chills. My beta-reader told me that there are confusing parts (in a bad way) but didn't want to push release any further. Glad that didn't ruin your experience.

As for the final cg you're missing, the only way to get it is to die in the red light green light room. =P

And depending on how the nano is received, it is possible we'll be expanding it in the future. (With more realistic bonding, more nights, and more deaths. Mwuahaha.)

Thanks for your and Razumi's replies! Totally worth the month and a half wait (and being a hardcore horror fan)!

I've been wondering about something regarding  Luana...is she Peruvian? I've noted some of her dialogue is in a foreign language and some of the dishes she brings up when talking to Waite. Also a suggestion: when you reach a download milestone, will you be doing a celebratory illustration featuring the main characters dressed as the main toon trio of Bendy and the Ink Machine with Luana as Alice Angel, Waite as Boris the Wolf and Rowan as Bendy? Their personalities certainly match up with those characters!

You're welcome~

Ahh her nationality. She's half Moroccan from her father's side, and half Latina from her mother's side. The little tidbits here and there were Moroccan Arabic. (I wanted to put a mini glossary, but code didn't work properly.)

As for if we do something to celebrate a milestone, it'll be discussed. =P

Woo hoo~! Your game's finally out!!! Now reading through a portion currently. Found a bug regarding the music player not working when clicked on. Everything else is working fine. Liking the style of the GUI. Will give a full review when I complete the game...possibly in the next few days!

(1 edit)

Edit: Razumi explained to me what the bug is. Fixed it, uploading new build asap.

Sorry for the long wait, hope you enjoy!