A downloadable vn for Windows, macOS, and Linux

(If you downloaded Build 2.3, you will need to download 2.4 because of an error that makes it not possible to continue the Lampir's path and possibly the Pukis path.)


(16+, Non-consensual implications and romance, implied blood and gore)


Important announcement! The Mythical Creature Integration Program, also known as MCIP, are now accepting applications. The last batch of humans have all been paired off, and new mythical creatures have joined the program looking for humans to be their life partners. Send in an application as soon as possible as there are a limited number of slots available.

And now for a reminder from the MCIP to all human beings.

Never give a mythical creature your name.

Sunlit-Dreamer: Writer, Coder, BG Artist
Amiralo: Sprite Artist, CG Artist, Editor, Beta-Tester

24k Total Wordcount
"15" Endings



WYN Side Story
(The password is the Lampir's name.)


Version 2.1 only has minor edits that I only noticed after watching a video. Nothing new has been added.

Version 2.2 was only made because apparently in the Lampir path, his name was accidentally revealed too early. So I went and fixed that.
Nothing new has been added.

Version 2.3 was made because the Pukis worst ending had no music playing. (Re-used a bgm to fix that.) This should HOPEFULLY by the final build.
Nothing new has been added.

Version 2.4 was made because a couple errors popped up in 2.3, making 1-2 paths "unplayable/unreadable".

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(108 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Tags16-and-above, Dark Fantasy, gxb, Horror, nanoreno2017, Otome, Romance
Average sessionA few minutes


WhatsYourName-2.4-mac.zip 267 MB
WhatsYourName-2.4-pc.zip 282 MB

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Decided to play this blind and got the lampir good ending. Here's my opinions so far:


A little too rude for me and I wished I was allowed to be nicer. Did not agree with her reaction to a male character liking fashion.

Art style

Not for me. I like the more semi-realistic look, but, I do not like the airbrush style shading. I also feel some of the backgrounds are lacking detail. The chibi-fied parts have charm though. It's cute

Character Design
I mostly like them, though the lampir's outfit colors feel slightly clashy..

Character personalities
I will have to play more to have a proper opinion on each romance-able character's personality, but lampir was pretty ok.

I know I am critical, but I still had fun. Thank you for working so hard to make games.

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I drew some messy sketches of Mr. Lampir & Mr. Merman

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Is there actually a good ending for the merman?


There is, you only need to let the timer for the final choice at the docks run out.

ooh okay, thank you!

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This was a lovely little game and I had a lot of fun with it! Thank you for creating this! <3


this was so good... the secrest stuff about all three LI's was so interesting!!

loved the game!! it was super fun and the character personalities were so lovable. the art is so homey too!

i did finish all of the good endings and i feel like i now know things i shouldnt... 馃憖


Absolutely adored this game; there was a perfect balance between light and dark. It's funny, I always go for the flamboyant types in games and the quiz kept leading me to the lampir. Good ending first try. It was like it was fate, jk :P Ohmygosh, the mermaid route was soooo freakin' cute! I really felt similiar to the MC in wanting to pinch his cheeks >_<  Though my fave end would have to be the twins just because I felt like the MC actually became more comfortable in her own skin. All of the MC personalities for each route offered something different; yet, they were all still very relatable. After playing all three routes, the last scene with the MCIP really helped facilitate that omninous parting feeling. That part exceeded my expectations and was really well done. Thanks for creating such an enjoyable game! Wishing you luck on any future projects. I'll definitely be checking them out ^_^

Been a fan since where adabanas grow, I always enjoy your writing and really enjoy that a lot of the guys in your otomes have long hair. Not enough otomes have guys with long hair, a tragedy imo. Guide was a little hard to follow as you can easily lose track of where you are, as they're all just numbered and I can't remember which one I'm on. Otherwise pretty good as always, though I saw another comment that parroted something I'd like- a protagonist that's a bit more soft spoken. I don't mind loud and aggressive mcs, it just seems like the normal these days and I can't relate at all haha. Either way great game, highly recommend!

Amiralo is slowly but surely working on another project. I can't say when it'll be finished or released.  But when it does, look forward to it~

I think I wrote my review thinking only they made it, but I'm realizing you did as well! Both of you did a great job clearly, it was all so cohesive I thought just one person did it, haha. Exciting stuff, I have my eye on both of you now, see what ya'll have in the future!

Oaaaah this game disturbed me in so many ways, but it was also really good ! I downloaded it randomly and now it is among my favourite visual novels ^^ Thanks you !

You're welcome~ And yeeeesss. Gooooood. That's what I waaaaant~


This is actually very interesting. I'm very picky about the art style of games that I play. Even though this isn't my usual kind, I was deeply engrossed in playing the game. The story is very good.


Ahh yes the art style. I'm well aware that readers tend to go more for either the anime style or cute looking ones. (As I am also guilty of that from time to time.) Glad you decided to give our vn a try and enjoyed it~

I've played two of the routes so far (without using the walkthrough, I am unreasonably proud of me) and managed to get both good and bad endings in both, though not the worst.  (I'm a completionist though, so...)

I have to say, I really love the tension you've wrought; the careful balance of sympathetic and cautious isn't something I see in a lot of visual novels.  Usually the horror isn't quite so blatantly due to the romance options right from the start!  Very refreshing, and it makes getting a good end really feel like a "win".

I know some people have commented they don't like how... opinionated the MC is, but I actually rather like it.  It's also  a nice change from the norm and playing a blank slate.

If you're able to get the rest of the endings without the walkthrough, that'll be a big accomplishment. (From me anyway since I don't explain any mechanics.)

I can only hope I can keep improving my writing to create even better stories.

It's easier for me to write characters with personality. And since there's 3 main characters, I didn't want them all to feel "samey". Plus the blank slate personality wouldn't meld well with any of the love interests in my perspective.

And to also reply to your other reply, I am keeping in mind how to create better tests. =3

All in all, good luck with reading the rest of the endings~

quiz gave me lampir and i got the good ending, but i wanted mermaid so i looked up the guide to get him and my first playthrough got me a super dark ending even tho everything seemed to be going well, which i thought was strange... game's got a weird balance of evil and cute, i guess. i noticed that dialogue isn't based on your quiz answers themselves, but your overall score. i didn't choose the 'dad cop' answer for the lampir route for example, but mc acted like i had.


Yeah, I could've chosen more "general" answers to make it more smooth. At the time, I really wanted to avoid the usual "What is your favorite blahdy blah". So I ended up acting as if the characters themselves were writing out the answers. (Which in the long run isn't good, I understand that now.) It's another lesson I've learned, and something I will try to avoid doing again in the future.

If I ever make another vn that involve quizzes/creating a character, this is something I'll definitely keep in mind.

That's one way of doing it... but personally, I rather liked that the MC isn't just a blank slate.  It's like a role-playing visual novel.  It's sort of cool to play a character with a distinct personality!  But I get that it might not be the most... popular option for game design.

ok so I only now started to play the game, and I followed the guide to get to the merman path, but I have a problem- I hate the protagonist.

He's the only guy I was actually interested in and he's so sweet, but holy shit is the protag annoying as hell. I really really like the quiz mechanism, I think it's really cool, and I can see all the work that was put into the game, and I can also see why some people would like to have assigned personality traits, but it's just not my thing. I don't like leaving reviews that are less than good, so I will try to play the game... Maybe I'll change my mind? Because as I see, many people enjoyed this game and I would really like to enjoy it too. I hope I don't come off bad! I really do appreciate the creators of the game and the game itself, I just don't like the fact that you have to play a specific route with assigned (and quite bold) personality traits. (I just don't like rude and loud protagonists :( )

so... maybe this game is not for me and I'm kind of disappointed, but I'm still going to rate this game 3-4 stars, just because it really is a really well-built game and the art is really cool xx  


We don't mind. No matter the media, there's always going to be those who simply don't enjoy it. For example, I myself couldn't get into Harry Potter. I did give it a try, because my younger siblings loved the series. But I could never get myself to enjoy it.

We are thankful that you did give it a try! And I will say that the other two protagonists are of a similar vein. Perhaps in the future I'll attempt a story suitable for a soft spoken protagonist. (But for now, the projects I'm working on wouldn't suit that type of character.)

I shall attempt to think of some recommendations. (Assuming that you haven't already played them over course. I have not personally played them yet, since been too busy.) For another horror romance, there is Pinewood Island. (Not free though.) If you prefer something free, there is also CUPID. (Made in 2015, but still highly recommend it.)

May they wash away the disappointment~

(1 edit)

First of all, I wanted to thank you replying to me, and doing so really kindly! Secondly, thank you for the recommendations! I'm in the midst of plating CUPID, and I'll definitely check out the other game you recommended. Have a great day! 


This is absolutely lovely, yet haunting at the same time.  It's the perfect blend of heart-warming, and creepy. I'd love to know more about this world you've created. Overall I completely loved it!

All in due time, glad you enjoyed it so much!

I enjoyed it. I especially liked the art.

Amiralo will be happy to hear that. ^^


Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about this nano. =3

Deleted 3 years ago

Glad you enjoyed it~

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It's 1:23 in night and I just finished whole story. I was grinning regarding the worst endings.  They suited the whole game. I am deeply satisfied and give you a big thumb of approval.

Also, this is quite unrelated to the game, but don't read MCcross71's comment down below, as it may spoil some important parts. Eh, I love spoilers myself, but this time decided against my nature and didn't read any comments. It turned out to be a good choice.

Remember to try to get three good endings.

Well, for now - I wish you a good night.

Glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully the next nano will bring just as much.

I really enjoyed this! The story was very original and refreshing and I found especially the mermaid lovely. I'm looking forward to your future projects (wouldn't mind more story with the mermaid though :D)!

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i just love this!
the plot was intriguing, accompanied with nicely picked music (unique and "fitting" music is VERY  important for me).
oh and i love the sprites' art!  i have browsed/read the previous works of amiralo before and i always loved the art..it's unique.

it was kinda short, though.

but it's alright, it's the charm of it somehow??

ahhh i just want more i guess...

oh, speaking of the "worst" ending of the merGUY..that's not a"worst" at all.. haha..

Very unique, in a good way! Nice writing and artwork too, neat stuff!

(2 edits)

The characters roles and the interactions to MC are well-written and tangible, assisted with euphonic BGM that very fitting to the event in this novel. "Running out the time" choice is also a nice touch of the plot ^^

(a bit spoiler to the mood of the story) I understand the risk, caution, and consequence of interacting with the monsters and their each unique (if not spooky) nature, so my mind is pretty prepared for the Bad and Worst/Special Death endings and also the respectable "solutions" from MCIP; but still shocked my heart for the irony (I tried not to to imagine about the previous dozens of suitors and non-suitors at the monster's identity card 0_0 )

It's like Hallelujah orchestra suddenly played in my room when achieving the Good one, which concluded sweetly of each others certain problems in finding love :'D

BUT, BOY I DIDN'T EXPECT THAT DISCLOSURE OR THE ABBREVIATION OF MCIP'S DIVISIONS AT THE EPILOGUE! THAT'S THE MOST TWISTED PART OF THIS STORY! HOW DARE THEY DISTURBED THE COUPLES WHO HAD ALREADY BEEN THROUGH WITH GREAT DIFFICULTY !!!! AND THAT EX******** (more spoiler)***..just imagine how broken will MC and Judicael be if knowing the cruel fate of their expected children... please just believe Sixte and his chickadee will be as normal as other couples...  and FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, PLEASE THE TWINS AND THEIR LOVER JUST WANT SOME PEACEFUL LIFE SO JUST LET THEM BE & GET FAR AWAY FROM THEM!!! oh my... I think the epilogue would be my sedative of the thrill but turns to a nightmare for weeks (T - T)

Pardon my burst of emotion... anyway, I am waiting for the CGs ;)


I love this visual novel so much~! Please tell me that you are planning to make a sequel or spin-off or anything based off this story! 

I really did enjoy it and will be playing it again when Im bored XD

Im also gonna let my friends do this and see what they get 

This was all so intriguing! I have never seen something so incredibly off-putting yet fascinating at the same time. I hope this doesn't come off as flowery praise - the darkness fringing on the edges of all these pairings continued to haunt me even as I played, and the little dialogue after getting the three happy endings really provided a greater insight into the dark side of these creatures. It's such a fantastic idea and I'm really glad I tried this out! Thank you for working on this, I really enjoyed playing it.

The twins were definitely the most terrifying, I got myself killed off the bat so I left them for last x'D I got killed in every route, but getting the "good" ending was really satisfying. I hope to see more?? Thanks so much for this unexpected treasure! 


Hahaha dang, I knew this game was dark but the Twins really hammered that point in. They were the scariest out of the bunch, imo. The other two bachelors I can kinda see them having genuine desire for a companion, but the Twins? Nope. That poor girl is going to be taxidermied sooner or later. She's their "pet" now.

The epilogue was super intriguing! Really scary too, if I'm understanding it right. How is there such a huge cover up for missing persons?  Makes me think of all those classical stories where girls are offered as virgin sacrifices to the dragon. Just keep throwing girls at them and maybe they'll go away? lol I wonder what happens to the women who survive their possible 'life partners' bad ends...I can only imagine them either being forcefully inducted into the MCIP or killed by them later...

This world is really intriguing and fun, I hope you'll continue making more stories for this universe in some form or another!

My favorite character in the game is probably the protagonist for the Mermaid. 

She's very headstrong, brave, and kind. Her aloofness is cute too. Also she's the only protagonist who truly signed up for this program out of her own volition. With serious consideration for a proper romance and future with the date. The part about her talk of tattoos and cultures showed me she's truly a great person.

Her short haired, well toned design is pretty cute. And honestly the last decision was super satisfying. To see the character, who gets me into so many bad ends and let so many die, chase after her while yelling his name desperately. I certainly hope as much as Mermaid got this super unreasonable streak to him, they'll be able to live happy together. 

Thanks for this amazing game! I enjoy this game fully, and I wish for information on this fantastical world.

You're welcome! And don't worry, that particular pair will certainly have a happy ending~ (*coughsmaybecoughs*)

Another project is planned that'll reveal more about the world, but won't be worked on for quite a while. (All in due time. =3)

I love how this game is both cute and eerie. When you made the right choices it is so cute~ and the bad endings are thrilling. They make the game even more fun to play!

Daww, glad you enjoyed it~

is there a walkthrough??

Here you go!


thank yooouuuu

You're welcome~

are you perhaps thinking of future projects? maybe something abit longer? i really enjoyed this, the merman was super sweet

Eeyup! I do have a couple projects in the works, they just won't be finished for quite a while.

And yes, he is indeed very sweet~

Hi! I got an error on the Lampir route

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 641, in script
    lu '{u}I have something that鈥榣l return your hearing. After living for a couple centuries, you learn some alchemy here and there. I always keep a bottle of healing with me, in case of emergencies.{/u}'
  File "renpy/common/00nvl_mode.rpy", line 293, in do_display
    page = self.clear or nvl_clear_next()
  File "renpy/common/00nvl_mode.rpy", line 252, in nvl_clear_next
    scry = scry.next()
AttributeError: 'StoreModule' object has no attribute 'ly'

Strange...I'll give it a looksy and try to fix it later when I get back on my old laptop. (It's where the script is stored.)

Okay I have found and fixed the problem (along with a couple others, wondering why Lint didn't catch them before.) Thanks for letting me know! I'll be uploading the new build momentarily!

I love this VN. I really like how each MC is different (based on coloring/background) depending on which path you go down. I love the characters- I had to use a walkthrough to get the good ending for the Merman though! :D My favorites were probably the Pukis which surprises me since the others are more of my 'type'.  ^_^  Awesome AWESOME job! 

Glad you enjoyed it, and that you liked how there was more than one heroine. =3 And yes, the Merman. That final choice. XF


I played this a while back and my god I adore the story and the set up, it's so dark but so sugar coated with this amazing fantasy setting. I really hope that you expand on this universe whether as another game or a story,  cause I could get behind any of them.

I also found myself making a character to suit this universe (a lil awkward Lizard man with some dark twists to him), well anyway, what I wanted to say was if there's any projects you need art assets for, I would love to offer my services for free if you'd like. Cause gosh to work along with your stories would be incredible! Anyway thank you for the amazing game and keep up your lovely work~

*insert broken record saying that I'm glad you enjoyed it* (We really are though! Amiralo and I worked hard while having fun creating this nano. =3)

Don't worry, I do plan on continuing it sometime in the future. (Considering 2 stories even, but not set in stone yet since it'll be quite some time until I work on them.)

Ooh, I'd LOVE to see your lizard man! =3 (I wonder what type of lizard he is, soooo many kinds~) Oh wow, that's so nice of you~ I'll be sure to keep you in mind in the future!

(1 edit)

This game was awesome. I thought the mermaid was so cute and the worst ending was unexpected for his personality but then I shouldn't have been surprised, he is a mythical creature after all.  Also that cut scene just makes me feel like I've missed something from the game and there's more to it.

None can resist the cuteness of the merman~ (And you can never know what lengths can go to for LURVE >=3)

I do eventually plan on making a sequel to reveal more about the MCIP itself. =P Buuuuut I have other things to work on first.

Deleted 6 years ago
Deleted 6 years ago

Just finished the game :D I got Sixte first, then the twins, then the merman. Man... the first choice and I already got a bad end, which was quite a shock, I tried to be really careful about the choices from that point. About the last choice for the merman, I got kinda confused and tried reloading the choices prior to the last and I kinda forgot about the timer :P But yeah, eventually got it, so... YAY! The writing is good, the bachelors are eccentric, which that makes the whole game fun and enjoyable :D almost all of Sixte's dialogues made me laugh :) The mc's are different this time (per character), no qualms about those. The art is fluffy as ever <3 Chibi dwawings awe adowable :3 I like how amiralo has drawn the bachelors in this game. Her style of art adds something to their character, which proves why visuals are important for every sim date ;) The ENDING (after getting all 3 good endings), unexpected plus it gives the overall game (aside from the gore from the bad/worst endings) an eerie feeling that there really is something happe... WHOOPS! I think I've said enough :P For all those who haven't played, I really recommend playing this game :D The answers are a little obvious so, I think it won't be too hard :D


Ahh yes, the merman's final choice. His ending is the only "tricky" one hahahaha. I feel like a broken record at this point, but I am honestly glad when anyone enjoys my stories! And I'm pretty sure Amiralo feels the same when people say how much they love her art!

(And yes, obvious answers are obvious. XDD So pure otome lovers can enjoy a non-horror ride with no worries. =P)


Really charming little game, also that twist at the end was perfect!


Really charming little game, also that twist at the end was perfect!


Really charming little game, also that twist at the end was perfect!

Really charming little game, also that twist at the end was perfect!

Hahaha, glad you enjoyed it! Gotta love those twists~ (And first time I've ever seen a...quintuple post. XD)

oops my interent actually cut when i posted it so that might be why ahah

I totally loved this game *o* just wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

loved the characters and setting !!!! music was great too ^o^


Daawww~ Glad you enjoyed it! And I couldn't have made it without Amiralo's help. (The art, filtering my bgs, helping me search for music, about a third of the music in the game was found by her.)

I shall try once I get a new computer! (This one is on its last legs, and don't want to risk losing progress.)

I was waiting for this to come out! I normally don't do horror at all, but I just loved the concept. (I hope itch. doesn't start recommend horror games to me since I downloaded this! :P)

Anyway, I LOVE the art style. The art was so whimsical that it suited it perfectly. I like the formula and how easy it is to die (you barely need a guide, haha.) It made me think that I could definitely do a game like that. :P I liked that there were three different protagonists.

The music was also excellent!

Now the romance progressed a bit quickly for me but that's understandable though, since NaNo. If I could say anything, I would say that a proofreader would've been a good thing to have. There were quite a few punctuation issues that didn't make the writing bad, but did make the writing less legible. Generally speaking, I think the protagonists were a little too similar to each other and I think the quiz should've been different (only in the sense that some of the options were clearly paired with a protagonist and therefore too linear.)

Good job completing NaNo!

Hahaha, yeah, most of the bad end answers are preeeetty obvious. =P

Yeah, romance is a bit fast since each date takes place within a day. (Heck, just a few hours really.) And dang it, just shows that Word is terrible at its job. (Amiralo and I went through the script so much gah.)

The 3 girls were originally just one person. The decision to make them different people came way later. (And at that point I was too exhausted to rewrite the story since it was already done and needed to start on bgs. So them being the same-ish is my bad.) As for the quiz, I didn't want to put those generic questions. So obvious answers it was hahahaha.

Thanks for the advice! I'll keep it in mind next time I write a story and work on a new vn.

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