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(16+, Non-consensual implications and romance, implied blood and gore)


Important announcement! The Mythical Creature Integration Program, also known as MCIP, are now accepting applications. The last batch of humans have all been paired off, and new mythical creatures have joined the program looking for humans to be their life partners. Send in an application as soon as possible as there are a limited number of slots available.

And now for a reminder from the MCIP to all human beings.

Never give a mythical creature your name.

Sunlit-Dreamer: Writer, Coder, BG Artist
Amiralo: Sprite Artist, CG Artist, Editor, Beta-Tester

24k Total Wordcount
"15" Endings


There is no gallery. After a number of days, Amiralo will upload the cgs on her deviantart instead.

Version 2.1 only has minor edits that I only noticed after watching a video. Nothing new has been added.

Version 2.2 was only made because apparently in the Lampir path, his name was accidentally revealed too early. So I went and fixed that.
Nothing new has been added.


WhatsYourName-2.2-mac.zip (267 MB)
WhatsYourName-2.2-pc.zip (282 MB)


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Just finished the game :D I got Sixte first, then the twins, then the merman. Man... the first choice and I already got a bad end, which was quite a shock, I tried to be really careful about the choices from that point. About the last choice for the merman, I got kinda confused and tried reloading the choices prior to the last and I kinda forgot about the timer :P But yeah, eventually got it, so... YAY! The writing is good, the bachelors are eccentric, which that makes the whole game fun and enjoyable :D almost all of Sixte's dialogues made me laugh :) The mc's are different this time (per character), no qualms about those. The art is fluffy as ever <3 Chibi dwawings awe adowable :3 I like how amiralo has drawn the bachelors in this game. Her style of art adds something to their character, which proves why visuals are important for every sim date ;) The ENDING (after getting all 3 good endings), unexpected plus it gives the overall game (aside from the gore from the bad/worst endings) an eerie feeling that there really is something happe... WHOOPS! I think I've said enough :P For all those who haven't played, I really recommend playing this game :D The answers are a little obvious so, I think it won't be too hard :D

Ahh yes, the merman's final choice. His ending is the only "tricky" one hahahaha. I feel like a broken record at this point, but I am honestly glad when anyone enjoys my stories! And I'm pretty sure Amiralo feels the same when people say how much they love her art!

(And yes, obvious answers are obvious. XDD So pure otome lovers can enjoy a non-horror ride with no worries. =P)

Really charming little game, also that twist at the end was perfect!

Really charming little game, also that twist at the end was perfect!

Really charming little game, also that twist at the end was perfect!

Really charming little game, also that twist at the end was perfect!

Hahaha, glad you enjoyed it! Gotta love those twists~ (And first time I've ever seen a...quintuple post. XD)

oops my interent actually cut when i posted it so that might be why ahah

I totally loved this game *o* just wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

loved the characters and setting !!!! music was great too ^o^


Daawww~ Glad you enjoyed it! And I couldn't have made it without Amiralo's help. (The art, filtering my bgs, helping me search for music, about a third of the music in the game was found by her.)

I shall try once I get a new computer! (This one is on its last legs, and don't want to risk losing progress.)

I was waiting for this to come out! I normally don't do horror at all, but I just loved the concept. (I hope itch. doesn't start recommend horror games to me since I downloaded this! :P)

Anyway, I LOVE the art style. The art was so whimsical that it suited it perfectly. I like the formula and how easy it is to die (you barely need a guide, haha.) It made me think that I could definitely do a game like that. :P I liked that there were three different protagonists.

The music was also excellent!

Now the romance progressed a bit quickly for me but that's understandable though, since NaNo. If I could say anything, I would say that a proofreader would've been a good thing to have. There were quite a few punctuation issues that didn't make the writing bad, but did make the writing less legible. Generally speaking, I think the protagonists were a little too similar to each other and I think the quiz should've been different (only in the sense that some of the options were clearly paired with a protagonist and therefore too linear.)

Good job completing NaNo!

Hahaha, yeah, most of the bad end answers are preeeetty obvious. =P

Yeah, romance is a bit fast since each date takes place within a day. (Heck, just a few hours really.) And dang it, just shows that Word is terrible at its job. (Amiralo and I went through the script so much gah.)

The 3 girls were originally just one person. The decision to make them different people came way later. (And at that point I was too exhausted to rewrite the story since it was already done and needed to start on bgs. So them being the same-ish is my bad.) As for the quiz, I didn't want to put those generic questions. So obvious answers it was hahahaha.

Thanks for the advice! I'll keep it in mind next time I write a story and work on a new vn.

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Hello i got the twins good end but i cant seem to get the mermaid's good end its always the bad end or the worst end and the guide is confusing since the guide says 3 choices when we only have 2

The 3rd choice is letting the timer run out. 0 = Do nothing.

oohhh okay got it, thanks!

You're welcome!

Ok I haven't fully explored it yet but I kind of need to ask... this game does have 'good' endings, right? Because so far doing all the right stuff ends with me getting the 'worst end' type endings and there doesn't seem to be a way to stop it (other than getting myself a bad end earlier).

You have to let the timer run out. And yes, there are 3 good endings total. =3

Ah, I see! Thank you very much.

You're welcome!

Just finished this and oh wow wow wow. I want /more/. I want to find out more about the MCIP! Will you be doing more games along this idea? Although it was a little concerning how easy it was to get yourself killed. XD Naturally I had to explore them all just to see how they each individually lose it on her, and I like how doing so usually reveals more information you may not otherwise get. Makes getting them even better. Loved the game!

Glad you enjoyed it so much! I might create another story taking place in this world. Whether it'll be another vn or a novel itself, is another thing. (But I am considering "continuing" this. Only more focused on the MCIP itself then the blind dates hahaha.) And yes, those mythical creatures are easy to offend. XF Really fills me with joy when others are satisfied with what I create~ Really helped when Amiralo edited the story. Gave it more oomph!