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Summary: Carolyn has forgotten her doll outside in the backyard and is now deep asleep. With the upcoming witch's hour, her doll worries that she might not be able to find a way to return inside the house to protect Carolyn. To her luck, the brother's pet tarantula appears after a hunt. With some persuasion, the tarantula reluctantly agrees to carry her back to Carolyn, hopefully before it is the witch's hour.

Edit: Uploaded a quick new build with a tiny fix, so people who have already downloaded DON'T need to download the new one. Hopefully it should be the FINAL build.


The_Doll_and_the_Spider-2.2-all.zip 78 MB


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The story isn't just frightening (the art is well-drawn to its mystery-horror tune), but also pretty depressing at the spider's realization :'(