A downloadable kn for Windows, macOS, and Linux

WARNING: It is recommended that headphone users lower the volume!

(16+, disturbing sounds, implied blood and gore.)


A pair of siblings, Jamison and Emilia, had been invited over for a double sleepover at their best friends' house. The parents go out on a date night, leaving Jamison and Victor in charge. It's only later that Emilia and Kirsten barge into the living room, crying that something tried to grab one of them. As proof, there was a large bruise wrapping around Emilia. Looking inside the bedroom, there was a distorted arm, slowly opening the window.

Our Team

Sunlit-Dreamer: Writer, Programmer, CG and GUI Arist
banannasquid: BG Artist
GhostCracker: Sprite Artist
D.ray: Composer, Audio Producer

Edit 1: Uploaded a new build, resized the sprites and fixed an error that would crash the kn.

Edit 2: Fixed a few typos, edited some of the story, and fixed errors that would make the music room crash.

Edit 3: Accidentally made an error that would cause a crash in the last build, fixed it. (Also had to fix the namebox, names were no longer positioned correctly for some reason.)

Edit 4: One of the bgms wasn't unlocking at all, so unlocked it permanently. Also made other minor fixes.

Edit 5: The remastered music update has arrived, volume should be properly balanced now. This should hopefully be the final build.


PaintingYourSkin-1.5-mac.zip 77 MB
PaintingYourSkin-1.5-pc.zip 94 MB


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Is this still a demo?

No, it's not a demo. It's a fully completed kinetic novel. There are no choices and only one ending.

Ah, I see. Thank you!

You're welcome!