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Quite depressing but to be honest reading other comments and you saying this happened did not surprise me. The world is cruel and cold for some people and thinking about the fact stuff similar to this might have happened to countless kids breaks my heart. Overall 10/10 good written with the details and character designs. The real ending made me happy since i could feel thomas.

Thank you for reading through, I'm aware that not everyone is willing to read stories with abuse. Strikes too close to home for some, and it's a subject no one really wants to witness even in fictional form.

Writing this helped me heal a little bit, so I do admit there's a bit of me in all 3 kids.  And I believe we can all agree that Thomas is on the right path.

Ahhh I just started playing but it seems to me that I only managed to get 1 ending despite replaying it countless times ;; (playing on windows) It is great but I'm not sure what else can I do to get another ending :')

Seeing it's been over a  year I'll tell you how to get the other ending. =P

There will be 3 scenes where you'll see the timer go down. In each one you have to click an object.

At the playground, click on the baseball.

In the playroom, click on the bag.

Then in Molly's bedroom, click on the bunny partially hidden underneath the bed.

That's it!

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Thank you so much ! T^T

To be very honest- I wasn't even aware that we can click on an object and there was a timer >.> Somehow I managed to get through the playground and playroom part though; which made me think I had to keep on replaying until Thomas gets it right hshs I'm dumb-

But once again thank you for the help! I really enjoyed the game
 ^-^ I actually first played 'What's Your Name?' before I played this one, and it was really nice too! Keep going, you have my full support <3


You're welcome!

Don't worry about that, it simply means that in the future if I use point and click features again, I should let you readers know.

Glad you enjoyed both of them! Hopefully, the nano we created this year (Amiralo the artist from What's Your Name asked me to make one more with her.) will be finished within the month. Gui/BG artist is having health problems, so only uploaded a preview.

Once that nano's complete, I'll be getting back to work on my current  project. =P

The adults were annoyingly dumb, but it was still a cool story :D


Unfortunately they were based off of people I know in real life. The world we live in, eh?

Damn, dude, I hope you, or someone you know, hadn't gone through this kind of stuff, or if you did, that you're at least okay now... 


Been years since then, the people involved are now in a much healthier relationship with their family. Still, was a story I felt that needed to be written, with its own little twist of course.

This is super interesting! It wasn't at all what I was expecting, but I really enjoyed the sci-fi aspect to it and was really happy to save her. I kind of want more games in the series following different people. Thanks for making such a great game!

Glad you enjoyed it~ The second half was always how I planned the story to go back when I finished my first nano in 2015. (Fun Fact: Molly is a sequel to my very first nano where she's mentioned in the true ending. You won't find that nano here, I didn't have itchio yet.)

I wanted to have my final nano to be about her as a way to close things. So thank you for playing/reading. ^^

Dude that's so freaking cool!